11/02/2014 - Sunday School - Chris Guidroz
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02/19/2017 11:21pm

God can do miracles in those lives who believe in the god strongly without any doubt. You know the sun is rising from east and sets in the west you believe in this cycle daily it shows how your love indulge with your god. Have faith in God he will erase your problems soon.

02/19/2017 11:23pm

Basically this blog has been sharing and updating wonderful methods and information always withthis harvestimeworshipcenter blog. Thanks for improving tips about believing in the love of god,keep it up.

07/19/2017 2:08pm

I respect the way the tips and suggestion were given in order to strengthen our belief and faith in God and His Godliness. Such posts are greatly required in the present time when there are many things to demoralize people by making them lose faith in God.


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