05/17/2015 - Sunday School - Steve Valentine
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05/10/2016 5:30pm

I agree with this article. Some might say that having the spirit of humility, it just means that you're weak and you lack courage and faith. This is not true because the Bible mentioned that when you are humble, God will lift you up more. The best example is Jesus Christ. Even though He is the Son of God, he humbled himself and gave himself unto death just to save us from eternal damnation and that is Hell. Even though He was crucified, He didn't use His power to escape the cross and endured the pain and mockery of His own people. We must always be humble because without God, we are nothing and in the eyes of God, we are all filthy rags. God must be always exalted because He is one who owns everything and created everything in this world.

05/17/2016 8:55am

Very interesting and informative for every one. This page tell us about reality of life and God tell us about every thing of life. One of the amazing post about spirits of human.


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