09/20/2015 - Sunday Worship - Marshal Baggett
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It's a great deal and a wonderful idea. That US is giving $15000 grants to 5 universities with that are partnering with Ethiopian schools on research and development projects. It's a big step towards their development and progress. This is the way they Amy progress soon.

09/20/2016 5:18pm

The only thing that I know about game changers is that it made me feel and be different. My game changer was a horrible experience. It was a bad relationship and a bad break up. During that time, I was completely lost, I lost friends, myself, my connection with God, everything. Until I realized that I deserve better and that I needed to reconnect with God too. Until then, I never allowed myself to stoop that low again and be lost without God. I was a changed person and I knew I was better.


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