03/22/2016 - Life Applications Bible Study - Marshal Baggett
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05/10/2016 7:26am

I have heard about this application so many times but i had not studies it very much. Life applications Bible study is a great application to help the Christians and its getting so much famous in the whole world. I like this article and i want to say thanks to this writer who have shared this great knowledge with us.

03/05/2017 2:11pm

Sometimes we are being pulled apart from the people we love. Being away from those we love doesn't mean that we are not good enough for them. Sometimes, it just makes us realize that we must all grow and move on from what is happening in our lives. We must know and learn that people aren't meant to stay. I would like to say thank you anyway for sharing this podcast with us.

04/04/2017 9:19am

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