05/28/2017 - Morning Worship - Marshal Baggett
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06/04/2017 3:51pm

nice post


We are only save in the simplest way by regularly hearing and chanting Gods names.He has hundreds and millions of names Like Jehovah,Yahweh,Allah, Krsna, Gopala, Govinda, Rama, Madana, Mohana. Our help is in the names of the Lord. Save me o Lord by thy name. In this age of quarrel, chaos and confusion there is no other way, there is no other way, there is no other way but to chant the Holy Names of God. For me that is real salvation.


All the religion give the lesson of life and it tell us the rules of life. It depend on us how we can spend our life. This audio is nice and christian should follow it and try to follow for his life.


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