06/04/2017 - Sunday School - Marshal Baggett
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06/08/2017 12:43am

Every Sunday is a time for faith and kindness. It's our time to show our love for God. We should do our best to prove that we are his loyal followers. God made that day, as a way to express love to one another. Let's do our best to show how much we apply his teachings in our lives.

06/15/2017 5:17am

I believe that every time is our time with God. I know He's present always within us. We should all make it visible in the hearts of other people so they as well are guided and can also feel the warmth of God's love. To all of us, may we always feel blessed with all God's grace and mercy. Thank you very much. Hope you are able to inspire more hearts and feed more hungry souls.


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